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Common Useful Myanmar (Burmese) Phrases and their meanings in Japanese

Phrase Meaning
မင်္ဂလာပါ やあ!
မင်္ဂလာနံနက်ခင်းပါ! おはようございます!
မင်္ဂလာနေ့လည်ခင်း! こんにちは!
မင်္ဂလာညနေခင်းပါ! こんばんは!
ဟယ်လိုသူငယ်ချင်း! こんにちは、友よ!
နေကောင်းလား? 元気ですか?
ငါအဆင်ပြေပါတယ်။ ကျေးဇူးပါ! おかけさまで元気です!
မင်းကိုလွမ်းတယ် あなたに会いたかった
ကျေးဇူးအများကြီးတင်ပါတယ်)! どうもありがとうございました!
ရပါတယ်! どういたしまして!
အထဲဝင်ပါ! お入りください!
ကောင်းသောနေ့ဖြစ်ပါစေ! 良い1日を!
Phrase Meaning
သွားတော့မယ်! さよなら!
ပျော်ရွှင်စရာမွေးနေ့ဖြစ်ပါစေ! お誕生日おめでとう!
သင့်နာမည်ဘယ်လိုခေါ်လဲ? あなたの名前は何ですか?
သင်ဘယ်မှာနေလဲ? どこに住んでいますか?
မင်းဖုန်းနံပါတ်ရနိုင်မလား? あなたの電話番号を教えてもらえますか?
မင်းကိုချစ်တယ် 愛してます
မင်းက အရမ်းထူးခြားတယ်။ あなたはとても特別です!
နားမလည်ဘူး! わからない!
ကျွန်တော့်ကိုကူညီပေးလို့ရမလား? 手伝って頂けますか?
လူနာတင်ယာဉ်ခေါ်ပါ။ 救急車を呼んでください!
ဆရာဝန်ခေါ်ပါ! 医者を呼んで下さい!
ရဲကိုခေါ်ပါ! 警察を呼ぶ!
ယဉ်ကျေးမှုနဲ့ လူတွေက အရမ်းစိတ်ဝင်စားဖို့ကောင်းတယ်။ 文化と人々はとても面白かった

About Myanmar (Burmese) Language

According to, Myanmar is also known as Burmese. It is a Sino-Tibetan language and is spoken in Myanmar. It is also known as Burma. It is an official language of the Burmans. The language is spoken by the country's principal ethnic group. The Constitution of Myanmar officially accepts the English name of the language and it is officially introduced as the Myanmar language. Most English speakers call the language Burmese. It is spoken as a first language in Burma and is spoken by 33 million people. It is primarily spoken by the Burman people and other ethnic groups. Burmese is a member of the Lolo-Burmese grouping and belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family.

About Japanese Language

According to, Japanese is an East Asian language. It is spoken by about 128 million people. It is the official language of Japan. It is a member of the Japonic language family. The relation of Japanese to other languages is unclear. Japonic languages are grouped with many language families such as Ainu, Austroasiatic, Korean, and the now-discredited Altaia. Not much is known about the Japanese language's prehistory, and it is not known when it first appeared in Japan. Chinese documents from the 3rd century AD have recorded a few Japanese words, but texts appeared only after the 8th century. The Chinese language was the major language in Japan during the Heian period. The vocabulary and phonology of Old Japanese are influenced by the Chinese language. Late Middle Japanese is closer to the modern Japanese language. Japanese has a few similarities with the English language.

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Yes, You can translate Japanese to Myanmar (Burmese) with our online translation tool. Check Translate Japanese to Myanmar (Burmese)

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Our Myanmar (Burmese) translator tool provides the most accurate Japanese translation because it uses the world's best machine translation engine powered by Google Api, To achieve the best possible quality of Japanese translation, make sure that the Myanmar (Burmese) text is grammatically correct.

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