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Common Mongolian Phrases in Roman English

Phrase Meaning
Сайн уу! Hi!
Өглөөний мэнд! Good morning!
Өдрийн мэнд! Good afternoon!
Оройн мэнд! Good evening!
Сайн уу найз минь! Hello my friend!
Юу байна? How are you?
Би сайн, баярлалаа! I'm fine, thank you!
би чамайг санасан I missed you
Маш их баярлалаа)! Thank you (very much)!
Та тавтай морил! You're welcome!
Ороорой! Come in!
Өдрийг сайхан өнгөрүүлээрэй! Have a nice day!
Phrase Meaning
Баяртай! Good bye!
Төрсөн өдрийн мэнд! Happy birthday!
Таны нэр хэн бэ? What's your name?
Чи хаана амьдардаг вэ? Where do you live?
Би таны утасны дугаарыг авч болох уу? Can I have your phone number?
Би чамд хайртай I love you
Та маш онцгой юм! You're very special!
Би ойлгохгүй байна! I don't understand!
Та надад тусалж чадах уу? Can you help me?
Түргэн тусламж дууд! Call the ambulance!
Эмч дууд! Call a doctor!
Цагдаа дууд! Call the police!
Соёл, хүмүүс их сонирхолтой байсан The culture and people were very interesting

About Mongolian Language

According to, Mongolian is the official language of Mongolia. It is most widely spoken and best-known for being a part of the Mongolic language family. Mongolian is spoken by 5.2 million people worldwide. The language is spoken by a vast majority of the residents of Mongolia. In Mongolia, the Khalkha dialect is common. It is currently written in both Cyrillic and traditional Mongolian scripts. The language is dialectally more diverse and is displayed in the traditional Mongolian script. The variety of Mongolian is written in Standard Khalkha Mongolian. The written language is formalized in the writing conventions. It is similar to other Mongolic languages like Buryat and Oirat. The dialect of Mongolian and its classification are not in line with the t international standard.

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How to translate Mongolian to Roman English using online translation tool?

  1. Select the Mongolian as source language for translation.
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Can i translate Roman English to Mongolian?

Yes, You can translate Roman English to Mongolian with our online translation tool. Check Translate Roman English to Mongolian

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Our Mongolian translator tool provides the most accurate Roman English translation because it uses the world's best machine translation engine powered by Google Api, To achieve the best possible quality of Roman English translation, make sure that the Mongolian text is grammatically correct.

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Our tool uses machine translation powered by Google Api, Microsoft Translate, and Yandex. This tool lets users to get the best Mongolian to Roman English translation, it can translate Mongolian to 144 languages. If you need more accurate human Mongolian to Roman English translation service, use Translate from Mongolian to Roman English.

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Yes, Mongolian to Roman English translator comes at no cost to you, and there is no daily limit. However, to ensure that the Mongolian to Roman English Translation service is used in a fair manner, We limit 1000 characters of text per conversion.

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You can translate Mongolian words, phrases, and sentences to Roman English in a few seconds.