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Common Croatian Phrases in Bengali

Phrase Meaning
Bok! ওহে!
Dobro jutro! সুপ্রভাত!
Dobar dan! শুভ অপরাহ্ন!
Dobra večer! শুভ সন্ধ্যা!
Zdravo prijatelju! ওহে, বন্ধু আমার!
Kako si? আপনি কেমন আছেন?
Dobro sam, hvala! আমি ভালো আছি, ধন্যবাদ!
nedostajao si mi আমি তোমার অভাববোধ করছি
Hvala vam puno)! আপনাকে অনেক ধন্যবাদ)!
Molim! আপনাকে স্বাগতম!
Ući! ভিতরে আসো!
ugodan dan! আপনার দিনটি শুভ হোক!
Phrase Meaning
Doviđenja! বিদায়!
Sretan rođendan! শুভ জন্মদিন!
Kako se zoveš? তোমার নাম কি?
Gdje živiš? আপনি কোথায় বাস করেন?
Mogu li dobiti tvoj telefonski broj? আমি কি আপনার ফোন নম্বর পেতে পারি?
Volim te আমি তোমাকে ভালোবাসি
Vrlo ste posebni! আপনি খুব বিশেষ!
ne razumijem! আমি বুঝতে পারছি না!
Možeš li mi pomoći? আপনি কি আমাকে সাহায্য করতে পারেন?
Pozovite hitnu! অ্যাম্বুলেন্স ডাকো!
Pozovite liječnika! ডাক্তার ডাকো!
Zovi policiju! পুলিশ ডাকো!
Kultura i ljudi bili su vrlo zanimljivi সংস্কৃতি এবং মানুষ খুব আকর্ষণীয় ছিল

About Croatian Language

According to, Croatian is the standard version of the Serbo-Croatian pluricentric language. It is used by Croats especially in Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. It is also widely spoken in the Serbian province of Vojvodina and other neighboring countries. Croatian is the official language of the European Union. The standard Croatian language is based on the dialect of Serbo- Croatian and Shtokavian. Apart from the Shtokavian dialect, there are other two major dialects spoken in the territory of Croatia, Chakavian, and Kajkavian. All the native speakers are covered under the term ‘’Serbo-Croatian in English. This term is considered controversial for some native speakers. However, some people use it in diplomatic circles. The Croatian language is characterized by Ijekavian pronunciation. There are a lot of Latin alphabets used in it that make it different from Serbian.

About Bengali Language

According to, Bengali is a popular Indo-Aryan language. The native speakers of this language are from the Bengal region in South Asia. It is also popularly known as Bangla and is the official language of Bangladesh. You will be surprised to know that is widely spoken in 22 scheduled languages of India. The total number of native speakers is 250 million. If we talk about the writing system it is Bengali and Bengali Braille. There are two different standard styles in Bengali known as Sadhubhasa (elegant or genteel speech) and the Chaltibhasa (current or colloquial speech). It is now used for both business and personal communications. If we talk about the simple Bengali sentence is follows a subject-object-verb word order. When it is present the negative particle will come at the ending of a sentence. You need to recognize six different cases and three verb tenses.

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Can i translate Bengali to Croatian?

Yes, You can translate Bengali to Croatian with our online translation tool. Check Translate Bengali to Croatian

How accurate is this Croatian to Bengali translation tool?

Our Croatian translator tool provides the most accurate Bengali translation because it uses the world's best machine translation engine powered by Google Api, To achieve the best possible quality of Bengali translation, make sure that the Croatian text is grammatically correct.

Which is the best Croatian to Bengali translator and How it can help me to translate Bengali?

Our tool uses machine translation powered by Google Api, Microsoft Translate, and Yandex. This tool lets users to get the best Croatian to Bengali translation, it can translate Croatian to 144 languages. If you need more accurate human Croatian to Bengali translation service, use Translate from Croatian to Bengali.

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Yes, Croatian to Bengali translator comes at no cost to you, and there is no daily limit. However, to ensure that the Croatian to Bengali Translation service is used in a fair manner, We limit 1000 characters of text per conversion.

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You can translate Croatian words, phrases, and sentences to Bengali in a few seconds.