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Common Corsican Phrases in Roman English

Phrase Meaning
Salute! Hi!
Bonghjornu! Good morning!
Bonu dopu meziornu! Good afternoon!
Bona sera! Good evening!
Salutami amicu! Hello my friend!
Cumu va? How are you?
Sò bè, grazie ! I'm fine, thank you!
mi hai mancatu I missed you
Ti ringraziu assai)! Thank you (very much)!
Pregu! You're welcome!
Entra ! Come in!
Bona ghjurnata! Have a nice day!
Phrase Meaning
Avvedeci! Good bye!
Felice Anniversariu! Happy birthday!
Cumu hè u to nome? What's your name?
Induve vivi? Where do you live?
Possu avè u vostru numeru di telefunu? Can I have your phone number?
Ti tengu caru I love you
Sò assai speziale ! You're very special!
Ùn capiscu micca ! I don't understand!
Mi poi aiutà? Can you help me?
Chjamate l'ambulanza! Call the ambulance!
Chjamate un duttore! Call a doctor!
Chjama à a polizia! Call the police!
A cultura è a ghjente era assai interessante The culture and people were very interesting

About Corsican Language

According to, The Corsican language is spoken by about 341,000 people in the world. The native speakers live in Corsica while some others live in Paris, Marseilles, Bolivia, Canada, and Cuba. However, it is surprising that this language doesn’t have any status in Corsica. French is the official language of Corsica. There isn’t any daily and weekly newspaper available in the Corsican language. Only a few French-language papers make use of this language to publish articles at times. Corsican is used for the official headlines only. Some political and cultural associations make sure that something in the Corsican language is printed in the magazines. The regional TV and radio station makes use of the Corsican language in several bulletins. Apart from that this language is used at all levels of education.

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Yes, You can translate Roman English to Corsican with our online translation tool. Check Translate Roman English to Corsican

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Our Corsican translator tool provides the most accurate Roman English translation because it uses the world's best machine translation engine powered by Google Api, To achieve the best possible quality of Roman English translation, make sure that the Corsican text is grammatically correct.

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